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    • Horizontal honing Machine Series

      Seven-axis eight-position full servo hinged machine, this is a new generation of products developed by our company

      Main technical parameters
      Processing Scope:Φ3—Φ30mm
      RPm of Main Shaft:50—3000RPM
      Stroke Length:200mm
      Overall Size(L*W*H):1905×2200×2050(mm)

    • Horizontal double head honing machine

      Symbol of high precision, high efficiency and high performance

      Two-headed independent control, two in one. Really reflect the price of one machine, the efficiency of two machines. Four frequency convertibility, synchronous braking. High precision double cylinder and thick guide rail,
      Japanese imported rolling linear bearings, the spindle adopts Japanese NSK high precision bearings.
      &; Quot; Zero, time, and manual working modes.

    • XCHC-208 Precision honing machine

      The symbol of high precision, high efficiency, high performance-full closed appearance, protection and safety. Simple operation, can be put into mass production, easy to maintain. Timing, direction, side automatic honing.

      Main technical parameters
      Final module: 5-200mm;
      Final module: 0.5-3;
      Hangmo round diameter Φ240;
      Hangmo round aperture Φ63.5

    Brand Story

    ”Ten years to grind a sword“
    Create a trendy brand

    Through the unremitting efforts and hard work of the trendy people, the new tidal brand products have passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification designated by the National Inspection Bureau and have been rated by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau as & amp; Quot; Keep the contract and trust Quot; Unit.


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